Idli is a steamed cake made from lentils or rice that is a staple food in every South Indian household’s breakfast menu. But if you would like to eat an Idli for lunch or dinner, the Idli doesn’t mind. Whether you eat it with spicy sambar and chutney or honey and ghee, the Idli will still make you happy. It’s a very gentle and versatile dish with no airs, which is why it is a favourite of every one of us.
South India's ultimate breakfast, the steamed rice idli, has earned an exclusive place in Mumbai's food world thanks to hotels like Idli House, which are completely dedicated to idli aficionados.
Idli House was born in 2012. It commenced business from a small outlet managed by Chef Sarvotham Nayak himself in a non-descript locality. The idea was a good one ,to innovate a tie with traditional cuisine.
To start with a simple wish to serve healthy, tasty and affordable local cuisine and which has now become became popular.
Idli house offers you different types of idli varieties, Dosa ,utthappams,etc .